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If there were a widely accepted thesis about business tenets, then one of the foremost would be “Either low cost OR design and innovation” – both cannot coexist. Our investment philosophy actually begins with challenging the above credence! Not only can the ostensibly conflicting capabilities coexist, their working in unison will be the new paradigm for success in the forthcoming years. At Crossover we foresee a bold approach to transforming the future. We reject the notion of an apparent tradeoff between low cost on the one hand and design and innovation on the other. Instead we innovate around them to produce a creative resolution.

Our resolution is to feature the relative global cost efficiency of China combined with the design and innovation from India – hence, “
China and India” to advance “Low Cost AND Design and Innovation”. Crossover is committed to espouse the new paradigm and will strive to make it a cornerstone of its investment philosophy.

We seek investments that proffer strategic reasons for operating in India and China. Our business model embodies the intellectual capital and globally comparable management talent and systems from India as well as the mass production capabilities of China for global markets. Crossover is well positioned to make investments that have a simultaneous China and India influence.

Our investments will predominantly be targeted at mid sized businesses that have high growth potential, deal with domestic as well as international demand, and are rapidly scalable. They will encompass industries and sectors that provide the potential to leverage the core competencies of both China and India, as also provide multiple market access to the huge growing domestic markets in India and China; and thereby generate additional value for our investors.

To mitigate investment risk, Crossover may on certain occasion co-invest with other prominent funds in these regions. Beyond risk mitigation, such a strategy enables us to participate in select deals that acquiesce high returns, leverages the valuable resources of our combined organizations, abridges the due diligence process, and enables a multitude of favorable exit scenarios. With the foregoing in mind, Crossover is steadily developing strategic alliances with a number of global funds and institutions. At Crossover, we emphasize collaborative efforts that provide synergy and that add value to our investments. Unlike some of the western economies, Asia has traditionally evolved a collaborative style in the investment space since it is generally more beneficial to aggregate resources and apply them to achieve shared goals and objectives.