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Crossover delivers private equity with impact by partnering with innovative entrepreneurs and management teams along with investors. Since inception, a central component of Crossovers' charter has been to invest in and help build innovative, high-growth companies. We play an active role in the development of these companies by contributing our seasoned business experience, significant financial resources, and a network of relationships. Since our investments require a great deal of time, we limit the number of private equity investments we make so that each company gets the attention it needs and deserves.

The impetus for change is driven by inspired people and their passions. That's where new ideas emerge.
Crossover team devotes time to nurture those ideas by working closely with these people, and to facilitate the critical resources in creating an environment for innovation and creativity. We work best with people who welcome our involvement as well as our funding, those whose sense of mission is both compelling and constructive. We value companies who pursue differentiated positioning in niche markets and are not afraid to go after them. In turn, we are not afraid to roll up our sleeves and dive in — whether it's collaborating on winning product and marketing strategies, building productive operations, establishing effective distribution strategies, or developing efficacious business models.

In line with our differentiated positioning,
Crossover surmised early on the prospects of unlocking value by combining the complementary strengths and opportunities of China and India. The mass production potency of China derived from its vast natural resources, cost-efficient labor force, and selective automation, has unequivocally made China central to pursuing a cost leadership strategy globally. By sourcing companies in India that can leverage China’s competitive advantage in combination with its own prowess in design, innovation, intellectual skill set, and flexibility, provides Crossover a compelling investment strategy that accomplishes design and innovation as well as cost-effectiveness synergistically.

Crossover professionals are experienced, intelligent, and passionate about the private equity industry, have advanced degrees from the world’s top educational institutions, and bring a fresh, boundaryless perspective and deep domain expertise to every investment. Our investment focus includes financial services, technology, and skilled manufacturing.

When we formed Crossover, we created a new kind of private equity firm - one that's based on teamwork, possesses an intense dedication towards creating value for our partnerships, and is committed to journey together towards attaining enduring success.