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For us, making investments means adding value through individual expertise, thoughtful teamwork and invaluable associations. We view ourselves as a partner to the company we invest in and become committed to achieving success together.

We emphasize a
global view to investing. The world is increasingly interconnected and thus we discuss worldwide markets and international influences. To maximize the impact of the interconnected, yet boundaryless opportunities, we have assembled a world-class investment team and advisors with the ideal balance of investment, entrepreneurial and operational expertise. Together, we actively source, select the right companies and help grow them into market leaders.

Our deals share some basic features: we provide equity investment in businesses with predictable cash flows and strong management. The capital structure of our investment companies depends on the strategy for value creation, which is jointly developed by management and Crossover. We work with our portfolio companies to design and execute plans for improving management, marketing and operations. Over time, generally around four years, we exit our investments through IPOs, sale to strategic buyers, or M&A. Upon exit, profits are distributed to our investors, which include funds and high networth individuals (HNIs).

Our investments range in size from $2 to $20 million. Typically, we invest $3 to $5 million initially and expect to invest $5 to $15 million over the life of a company.

Some of our pre-investment queries are
  · Are you addressing a large and high growth market?
  · Is the business scalable rapidly?
  · Do you have a compelling value proposition?
  · What are your core competencies?
  · What are the critical success factors in your business?
  · Who are your competitors?
  · Do you have or more importantly can you build a world-class team?
  · How will you use the money and how far will this money take you?

Our post-investment activity involves
  · Business Development and marketing strategy reviews
  · Management team recruiting
  · Strategic partner and customer development
  · Monitor key milestones and provide constructive feedback

Our mission is to uncover founders and management with the vision, passion, and experience to govern growing markets using innovative solutions, and to provide them the financial infrastructure on which to build their businesses. As equity partners, we succeed or fail together with the company whom we back.